Don't trash, recycle your old electronics at Best Buy

In today's busy lives, recycling has become a daily habit. From the can of soda to the morning paper, numerous items are consciously and continually recycled. So many of these recycled products can be used in other forms. Most importantly, our landfills see a reduced amount of trash. But what about the other items, like cell phones and laptops, that are part of our daily lives? 

How often do you upgrade your phone, computer or other electronic devices? Whenever you change your items, it leads to the question what do you do with the old stuff? Unfortunately many consumers throw away these items into the trash. Electronics need to be properly disposed. Best Buy can help you with electronic recycling.

With technology being the fastest growing waste stream on the planet, Best Buy, the largest retailer of consumer electronics, wants to be part of the recycling solution. At every Best Buy location, recycling program are available for free. It doesn't matter the age or where you purchased your electronic equipment, Best Buy will recycle it for you. In a year's time, Best Buy recycles 387 pounds each minute during open hours.

Some consumers may worry about recycling personal computers. Best Buy has a specific process that ensures no personal data is compromised. Any personal computer hard drive is removed, wiped and then hole-punched to ensure that your information is not shared. After all these processes are completed the hard drive is shredded into tiny scraps. Stealing your information is not a possibility.

Do you know what recycled electronics can become?  The plastic from a computer can be turned into playground equipment. Aluminum can be re-purposed into car parts. Batteries can be used to make more batteries.

What can be recycled at your local Best Buy Store?  Here are some examples of products, but please check with you local retailer for any limitations.

  • TV/Video  

  • Stands, Mounts and Furniture

  • Portable TV and Video

  • Car Video

  • Audio

  • Car and GPS

  • Cameras and Camcorders

  • Computers

  • Mobile Phones and Office

  • Music, Movies and Books

  • Video Games and Gadgets

  • Home and Appliances


Don't let our technological advancements be our environmental downfall. Recycle your electronics today at your local Best Buy

Disclosure: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product /service at a reduced price or for free.


  1. What a fantastic idea, I didn't realize that they did that! I'll definitely keep this in mind. Thanks bunches!

  2. i had no idea they did this what a great program :)

  3. Such a great idea! I had no idea that Best Buy offered this type of program. Very cool.

  4. I didn't know Best Buy had this program! Thanks!

  5. We returned our old PCs with no hassle.