Welcome to the Savings Carnival

Where do you turn to find tips on saving money, being frugal or  not overspending?  With so many books, websites and stuff available, it all can be overwhelming. Still, the right product for your family can make life great. Think about the extra money that you can put away for a vacation, raining day or extra cushion. 

 More 4 Mom's Buck has joined with several other bloggers to bring money savings tips, ideas and products to you!  Check out all the great bloggers with ideas that you might have tried, might want to try or just can't believe are true!


1) Read an Article on the Carnival like Madame Deal’s Make Your Own Duvet Cover article #1
2) Comment on the Article and share your own tip or lets us know if you enjoyed the article
3) In the comment collection box below, find the number of the blog article and place it in the box (If you're on Madame Deals.com and reading her, "Make Your Own Duvet Cover" article, you would put commented on article #1 in the comment box)
4) You can enter as many times as you want by going to each blog on the linky and repeating the above. The more blogs you visit the greater your chance to WIN the purse. BLOGGER RULES for Linking up


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