Started the year with a family game night - #HouseParty Hasbro Game Night

So many people enjoy going out and living it up on NYE. But the cost of a babysitter (or even the ability to find a babysitter), plus a new outfit and the money spent on the night out, I would rather save up for a big vacation. More importantly I enjoy spending time with my kids. They are fun little guys with some really great things to say. In our house, we decided to have the low-key, family friendly NYE bash with House Party and Hasbro.

With some family in town, everyone got together to play some of the hottest Hasbro Family Game Night games. The big prize for the ultimate NYE champion was the Hasbro champion trophy and crown.

The kids got to choose the games. From Draw Something to Catch Phrase, there were tons of laughs, smiles and a great family time for an evening.

The best part of the night was that we were spending it all together. Yes, the television came on for the ball drop. Still, it was lots of fun being around each other without electronic devices. How often does that happen!

I'm hoping to continue the family game night theme once a month. Maybe we can start with some homemade pizza followed by gaming fun. Hasbro has tons of games that are perfect for families. Options like Yahtzee, Draw Something and Jenga are easy for a variety of ages. Other options like Twister might be more for younger crowds (some parents can't bend and twist well without next day pain).

It doesn't matter which game that you play. The goal is to spend more time together. Make 2013 about turning off the devices, listening to each other, and spending time together.

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