Keeping that diet resolution

After a couple of weeks of hard work is your diet resolution still on track? I you have seen a lot of results, you are probably going strong. If you haven't seen as much movement you might need a little boost. It might be a good time to change a few things to improve your outlook. Here are some thoughts from me.

Break the diet plateau:
Many times people who have quick success on a regime can face a plateau. It could be a number on the scale or jeans that just won't zip. I doesn't matter your scenario, a different program can give you the tools to climb over that edge. Shred, the Revolution Diet has been shown to give results where other programs struggle. In six weeks, devotees can lose significant weight and inches.
The program is fail simple to follow. By eating a variety of foods throughout the day and committing to cardio sessions, participants have seen dramatic results. There is great food variety in this program as well as option for substations. Plus, the exercise portion is easy to accomplish and does require a lot of equipment. For those who can't break the plateau or want an easy to follow program, Shred, the Revolution Diet just might be the answer.

Eat more fruit and vegetables
Adding more fruits and vegetables to a diet may sound easy at first. Unfortunately life can get in the way. From long work days and tight family schedules, grabbing a bag of chips or stopping at a drive through can be a quick solution. To avoid less optimal choices, try pre packaged options that can be easily kept in a car, drawer or purse. Companies like Crunch N Yummy offer a variety of organic, freeze dried fruit in single serving pouches.

Get moving
Motivating yourself to get to the gym once a day can be difficult. I might be icy outside or your working meeting went too late. Still exercise is so important to get that scale moving. Some suggestions to stay on track are to get a workout buddy. Being accountable to someone else can make that time on a treadmill a priority. Maybe you could even sign up for an event, like Pretty Muddy, a women's only fun run. Also, you could start a reward system for each week you accomplish your goals. A relaxing massage or an indulgent pedicure could make those minutes in spin class fly by.

Do you have a great tip to keep your diet and fitness resolutions on track? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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