Word on the Street Junior, who wins the tug of words - review

How does your kids' mind work? Can you think on your feet and and work together as a team? These two skills will help you conquer Word on the Street Junior.

Word on the Street Junior is the acclaimed game by Out of the Box Games. Similar to the classic version, players choose a particular word that fits a category. With the chosen word, players pull corresponding letter tiles closer to their side of the street. Don't forget, the opposing team can pull the letter back to their side. The first team to pull all of their letters off the street wins the game

When playing this game with my kids, I get to see how their listening and spelling skills are improving. For example, my kids can think of all types of words for a particular category. While it's great that they can think on their feet, the key is spelling. Unfortunately, the multi-syllabic words are ones that they can't spell. A certain word may have the "f" sound but it is spelled with a "ph" or there might be a silent n that the kids forgot. Of course, it is a team effort so we help them. Still the game re-enforces spelling and sounding out words.

Word on the Street Junior is available at online at Out of the Box games as well as many mass merchants. It retails for $22.99.

This holiday season full of family togetherness and game nights get the mind working. Play Word on the Street Junior and watch how quickly everyone can think on their feet.

Disclosure: I received this game to review. All opinions are my own.

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