What to buy the businessman that has everything?

On most holiday shopping lists, there is one person who is so hard to find a nice gift. You know the type. Either they have everything under the sun or they have no special interests. Every year you scratch your head what could be a good gift. Gift certificates can be impersonal. What you want is a gift that looks good and can be useful in some form.

I have one person who is notoriously difficult to find a decent gift. Basically he works continuously. The life of a single man in a large city revolves around work and more work. This year I've decided that the way to go is a leather bag for men.

I know what you are thinking. A man purse!  That's so not cool. I'm not talking a man purse. Think of an elegant leather bag that can conveniently store a laptop, tablet or big stack of papers. Guys want a bag that looks manly or rugged. When you purchase a quality leather bag, it will last a long time. Plus, the age and wear over the years adds character.

If a man is going to carry a bag, you want one that will last. Quality construction and materials are important in choosing the company. While style is a factor, the durability and ease of use are paramount for the beating that a guy can do to his stuff. Think about it. How many men do you see throw laptop or briefcases in an overhead compartment or train rack? Gentle is a not a common adjective when it comes to men's attributes.

So if you have that hard to purchase guy on your list. Maybe a craftsman leather bag that will be useful for many occasions might make the gift giving a little easier.


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