Thermapen, showing off my chef skills - review

During the holiday season everyone seems to cook more. From baking to elaborate dinners, our house is full of wonderful aromas. While I enjoy cooking, I know that I can always do more or better. Through the years, I've found that the right tools have made me a better chef. Granted there are products that cost less, but the results these products produce seem to be lacking.

One item that has become my savior this year is the thermapen. Thermapen is the professional grade thermometer. In just 3 seconds, I can know if my dish is progressing to the right temperature or jumping to a dangerous level. With such a quick read time, I don't have to stand in front of an oven and let all the warmth escape. A quick peak and I can continue the rest of my preparations.

For that past couple of weeks, I've been using my thermapen on everything. From the Thanksgiving turkey to the decadent chocolate cake, my dishes have been their best yet. Never again will that silly pop-up timer on a turkey be my guide. The thermapen helped me create the most moist turkey ever. I was able to pull the bird out at exactly 150 degrees, knowing that the temperature would rise to 160. Everyone agreed that the bird was moist, flavorful and an all around great dish.

The thermapen works on baked items too. I had tried for years to determine with a toothpick if my cakes were ready. Usually the result was a cake that caved in the middle. With the thermapen, I have created several baked items that would be as good or better than store bought. This year I will actually make something for the holiday swap. rather than sneakily bring a store item. Thanks thermapen.

As I continue to use the kitchen gadget, I believe that my cooking and planning skills are improving. One of my biggest concerns for a dinner party is not having the correct timing for serving. No one wants to wait an hour or more because the roast is still roasting. With the thermapen, I am able to better gauge the exact time to sit down to a delightful meal.

The thermapen retails for $89.  Some people may have concern over the cost of this item. Here's what I have to say, you get what you pay for. Think about it. Anyone can purchase a $10 thermometer from the grocery store and you can hope for results. Personally, I've used those and mid-range items with bad results. More importantly, I've had to by replacement ones. Plus, I can't fathom how many poorly cooked dinners that have found their way to the trash. I believe that the thermapen is an investment worth making.

This holiday season give yourself a gift that will make you a stronger, more accomplished cook. Get a thermapen and watch your cooking confidence grow.

Disclosure: I received this product to review. All opinions are mine.

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