The chickens have flown the coop in Cluck N Chuck-review

Are you a fast mover? Getting your fingers moving and the dice rolling are important elements to succeeding in the chicken flying fun of Cluck N Chuck.

The premise this game is simple. Get all the chickens into the coop before it jumps and throws them flying in the air. The first person to get all their chickens in the coop before time is up will win.

Cluck N Chuck is a fun game for kids of various ages. The concept and rules are simple for young and old to play together. The pieces are the right size for little hands to manipulate and place on the coop. Everyone gets a laugh when the coop pops up and the chickens are sent flying. The biggest concern after the coop jumps is to find all the chickens that flew.

My kids played this game and enjoyed it. I would recommend it for a younger audience. It is a great way for kids to recognize colors. To make it a little harder for my boys, we required them to say the color in Spanish (we're learning Spanish for an upcoming trip). The game would be great for kindergarten and small group activities.

This game is for 2 to 4 players. There are no batteries required (a big plus for my family). Recommended ages are 4 and up. I think that younger players could participate if guided by an adult. It retails for $16.99 and can be purchased online or at various mass merchants.

So if you are ready to corral some chickens, put Cluck N Chuck under the tree this holiday season. The kids will squeal with laughter as the chickens take flight.

Disclosure: I received this game to review. All opinions are my own.

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