I'm wearing skinny jeans thanks to Creative Bioscience

A little while ago, I mentioned that I began to add some green coffee supplements to my diet by taking the 90 Day Creative Bioscience Challenge. I am pleasantly surprised with the results because I can officially wear the skinny jeans that were mocking me in the closet. 

Since I try to workout a good amount, I've noticed that my downfall is my eating habits. Either eating the wrong foods or, in many cases, eating too much food is my biggest stumbling point. By adding the green coffee bean extract to my diet, I wasn't craving as much food during the afternoon. Usually afternoon snacking is my downfall. Now, if I do have a snack, it's a small bowl of popcorn or an apple. The big bowls of chips and sugary snacks are long gone. 

While many of you want actual weight numbers, I don't have them. See I refuse to get on a scale. My measurement is my clothes. If I can get in the single digit clothing sizes, I know that I have achieved my goal. The number does matter. It is how I look and feel that is the measurement. 
So, in my world, I went from a loose size 10 boot cut pair of jeans to a size 8 pair of skinny jeans. There is no muffin top or bulging seams. I have more tone, less jiggle and feel great! 
Creative Bioscience offers a full range supplements that can help you get into better shape. From appetite suppressants to energy boosters, there is a product that can help with your specific needs. 

Since resolution time is upon us, you might be thinking about making changes to your lifestyle. Consider adding green coffee bean extract and you might get the results you seek. Come take the 90 challenge too http://www.creativebioscience.com/90-day-weight-loss-challenge.html

Disclosure:  I received this product to use. All opinions are my own. 

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