Holiday cheer without the fear

I love setting the mood around the holidays. From the Christmas trees to the decorations, my house is full of cheer. During those long, cold winter nights, I like to dim the lights, light candles and sit by the Christmas tree. (maybe there's a glass of hot chocolate or nog too). While I love the warm glow of a candle, I have concern with an open flame in my house. I don't think that my kids would touch it or knock it over. Still, I have concern.

This year I've been looking at battery operated candles. When these candles were first introduced, I thought that they looked fake. Real candles have a glow that a battery operated light couldn't mimic. I've found that many of these battery operated candles have improved over time.

Through my search, I've found some lovely round candles that offer the crafted appearance of a real candle without the danger of an open flame. With a variety of styles, sizes and even scents, battery operated candles seem like a great option for my home.

Even better is that these candles can be set with a timer. So when my Christmas tree is lit, so are the candles. Think about how many times you've gone to bed wondering if someone blew out a candle. Now that worry is erased.

For the cost conscious, battery operated candles only have to be purchased once. The $15 spent on a battery candle would be less than the multiple jar candle purchases at $12-$20 each month.

This holiday season consider decorating your home with battery operated candles. The simplicity and ease might take one hectic item off your ever growing list.

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