Fashionable shoes without the pain, do they exist?

I have a shoe obsession.  From the trendy platforms to class boots, I want my shoes to be outstanding. Over the years, I have sacrificed comfort for fashion. My thought was that sometimes it has to be a little difficult to look good. What is a little stubbed toe or sore foot for fashion? Times are changing. Now comfortable shoes can reflect the latest looks.

Women have lots of shoe brands to choose when they shop. Life Stride is a well known brand that has the a leader in classic designs and wearablity. Now this company is looking to capture the newer styles while maintaining its comfortable fit.

The current vision of Life Stride shoes focuses on fashion that makes sense. It is a simple phrase that many women can relate to and understand. I remember when my kids were young, I wanted to wear super high, skinny heeled boots to a playdate. While I looked great, I almost twisted my ankle twice, practically impaled a stuffed animal and had to wear slippers the rest of the evening. With the new line of shoes, I can find boots that are on trend, but can be worn for  chasing kids without injury. Most importantly I will still have the flair and attitude look that I want.

Whether you are looking for flats, boots or heels, Life Stride has the shoes that you will never want to take off.


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