Batman Power Attack, prevailing over Gotham's Villains - review

What do you do with a bunch of boys on a holiday break? Give them the latest Batman Power Attack toys to enjoy, of course! Over Thanksgiving weekend, we invited some of my sons' friends over to play with the new Batman Power Attack toys. Besides being really loud, the kids had a blast.

The latest edition of Batman figures and toys are fill of action. From lots of moving parts to artillery of weaponry, Batman is ready to take on the evil forces lurking in Gotham City.

Here's a quick description of some of the new Batman Power toys.
  • BATMAN POWER ATTACK™ Basic Figures- Batman never shies away from a mission and always possesses courage and strength even in the most perilous situations. With the six-inch Power Attack figures, kids can create their own adventures.
  • BATMAN POWER ATTACK™ Deluxe Figures -Kids can play out action-packed Batmanstories with thesehighly articulated posable figures. Each character has a signature action move, giving kids the ability to keep villains at bay.
  • BATMAN POWER ATTACK™ TOTAL DESTRUCTION™ BATMOBILE - The Power Attack BATMOBILE allows kids to play out exciting chase scenes with their favorite six-inch characters cruising in full-security around the streets of Gotham City.

When I polled the boys why they liked these action figures, the primary reason was that they move.  From twisting torsos to the slamming hands, each figure had action. They definitely were not static. The movement allowed the kids imaginations to run wild. From setting up big wall with bricks (or cardboard) to simulating flight with strings, these Power Batman figures were moving non-stop.Plus, some of the action figures comes with story cards to help spark the kids' minds for new missions.

The biggest hit of the party was the Batman Total Destruction Batmobile. The boys loved that you could fire projectiles from the vehicle. The goal was to see who could shoot down the most figures in a single fire. When all else failed, the battery ram arm destroyed the evil lairs. This toy retails for approximately $24.99 and I could see how lots of kids will have it on their holiday lists.

If you have a child at home who loves Batman, I would recommend purchasing some of the Batman Power Attack figurines and accessories. These new toys are worth many hours of creative play fun.

Disclosure: I shared Batman Power Attack toys with friends and neighbors as part of a promotion with Mommy Parties.

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