Yurbuds, giving us better, longer, more musically enjoyable workout - review

What's your biggest complaint when you workout? I'm talking about the one that you can control (not the smelly old man or the woman drenched in perfume). Recently, I asked a group of my workout buddies what is one big workout equipment complaint. Putting aside the lack of energy, time and stinky gym-goers, we all had a similar complaint. We have problems with our headphones.

Personally, I hate having my headphones fall off during a run, time on the elliptical or other workout. Between sweat, poor sound quality and having them fall out, my old headphones were making my workout a chore. I've tried the over the ear version, but those rub on my head and annoy me after a while. While many devices come with headphones, those aren't meant for lots of activity. Who wants to be trying to keep pace and fiddle with your headphones (that's a definite workout drag). Luckily, I've found my headphone solution, Yurbuds.

Yurbuds are sports headphones that twist and lock into place. You never have to worry about headphone falling out during a workout. These buds are formulated with flexible silcone to give a comfortable feel while staying in place. And, these buds are made sweat and water resistant (if you're not sweating during a workout, turn up the intensity).

A week ago I have my workout friends a pair of Yurbuds to try during their weekly workout routine. The feedback that I received was really interesting. One friend who is training for this weekend's Hot Chocolate 15K mentioned that she could hear more sounds around her while she did her running workouts. She explained that normally her ipod is turned down very low so that she could hear cars, dogs, etc around her while she runs. With the Yurbuds, she could enjoy more of her music while still being able to hear the noises around her.

Personally, I liked that these headphones didn't fall out. Sometimes when I'm on the elliptical or my own spin session, my headphones gall our or I'm constantly re-adjusting them. It makes my workout tedious, usually I want to end early. With the Yurbuds, I placed them once and I didn't touch them until my workout was complete. Even with difficult (and sweaty) spin routine, the buds stayed in place. Also important to me, I was able to easily clean my sweaty mess off the buds. One swipe from an antibacterial wipe and the buds were clean (no trying to clean ick from little holes).

Yurbuds are available at various stores including Best Buy, Sports Authority, Apple stores and several other locations. Various versions are available and prices start at $29.

Are you ready to take your workout to the next level? Try Yurbuds and stop worrying about your headphones.

Disclosure: I hosted an event for my friends to try Yurbuds. All of my opinions are my own and were not influenced by any person or entity.

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