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When you see a perfectly captured image, it can take your breath away. From the vibrant colors of a sunset to the beauty of a portrait, the ability to develop an image into a feeling is amazing. While sharing these moments with family and friends can be fun, what if you could be rewarded for your creativity. Pixoto offers that reward.

On this website, a photographer can upload his or her images for potential reward. Don't worry, the photographer retains copyright to all the images that he or she uploads. The uploaded images are voted on by other community members. The voting system takes into consideration the quality of image as well as the popularity of the submission. For example, a photographer cannot vote for his own image. The best images are highlighted on the Leaderboard.

It can be difficult finding the right photographer for a special event. If you haven't seen a person's work, making a decision to hire that person can be a shot in the dark. This website can take some of the guess work out of your process. For example, you can search the wedding category for photographers. Do you like the composition or feel of the images?  Actually seeing someone's work can give a better sense what to expect at your event.

Need a special image?  Pixto is selling stock images. Being an artist can have it's downside. Finding a way to be compensated for your hard work is important.

Even if you aren't a photographer, you can pursue the images on the website. The photographs might give your some inspiration to capture a moment in time yourself.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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