Sears and Kmart give back to those affected by Hurrican Sandy

As clean-up continues and families are coming to grips with the situation, Sears and Kmart are assisting those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  With all the rebuilding efforts and aid that is needed, Sears and Kmart are offering the following assistance measures to help those in need.

  • Members will receive up to $20 worth of rewards points, based on how hard various areas were hit as defined by the National Weather Service
  • Over 100 truckloads filled with the most needed supplies are in route to local stores in the area. This includes: generators, chainsaws, wet/dry vacuums, flashlights, batteries, lanterns, dehumidifiers, utility and sump pumps
  • Those affected by the storm can get coupons for those items at local American Red Cross Centers
  • Sears Auto Center is also offering complimentary tire repairs for automobiles affected by debris from the storm
With additional storms on the horizon, and have to help with this disaster as well as prepare for future emergencies. 

 We would also like to share links to our Emergency Preparedness sites on and to help those families recover as quickly as possible with cleanup and getting power back on. 


We currently are offering 0% interest on generators + free shipping on standby generators and chainsaws. 


We are currently offering free shipping on orders of $49 or more.

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