It's time to get out the vote - Vote for the Mustache Party

Are you tired of the political commercials?  Every news cast is about how many votes in the electoral college and the popular vote. Red, blue, or Big Bird everyone has an opinion and you want it to be heard. But in all this high spirited debate, we all could use a little levity.

Personally, I enjoy learning and understanding about government, but the constant bickering and over the top ads are bringing me to the brink. That's why I'm ready to Vote for the Mustache Party!

What's the Mustache Party? It's a way of supporting the men who men who sport facial hair. When it comes to the mustache, there are many types. Check out the Mustache Wisdom app to impress your friends and vote of your favorite "stache".

Think of the possibilities. Maybe you are a fan of the manly stache or maybe you are more a man of the seas with teh pirate stache. The Mustache Wisdom app is the all knowing, all powerful guru to provide you the answers to all those difficult questions.

Since this is an election year, we all need to determine who is the ultimate stache. The top two Mustache Party candidates will duke it out on Facebook for supremacy. The final voice will be cast at midnight.

Want your friends to get in on the fun too?  Send your best man who rocked the manly stache at your wedding a special STACHE card from American Greetings. There are several card options available. The card has a unique personality and a special one-of-a-kind song. It's a fun way to share a note and a smile. These cards are a way for everyone to join in the revival of men's facial hair. 

So this Election Day, don't worry about red or blue states. It's all about the STACHE election.

Disclosure: American Greetings is sponsoring the Mustache party with a line of cards and app. I was provided with printed cards and information on this promotion. I was not compensated for my time.

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