Colortime Crafts, avoid winter break boredom

December is almost here which means that there will be many days where the kids are off for winter break. If you are like me, the phrase "Mom I'm bored" is the worse thing ever. Granted kids have toys, games, etc to keep them occupied, but they want a new activity. Enter Colortime Crafts. 

For over 20 years, Colortime Crafts has been making  t-shirts, pillowcases, backpacks, tote bags, bandanas, and more with permanent fabric markers. The entertainment from making a permanent keepsake can keep your kids occupied for an entire afternoon. Plus, they can keep their creation forever.

Colortime Crafts also is great for parties, scout meetings or other events involving lots of kids. The company is a  licensed vendor of the Girl Scouts of America. Check out our wholesale program, great for your organizations.

The company offers free downloadable coloring pages ( and a "Birthday Club" ( with special incentives.

Get 15% off all orders Promo Code: 15USFG when you check out at

Don't let boredom take over your house. Give the kids a Colortime Craft project today! 

Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a promotional campaign.  

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