Which element is supreme, SPELLSHOT zAPPed by Hasbro - review

Which element is superior? Can water dowse fire's destruction? Maybe air can blow away Earth's growth. In SPELLSHOT zAPPed edition by Hasbro, the four elements battle to determine who can collect the treasure and win the game.

Like other zAPPed games by Hasbro, these games, with its game pieces, are played on the iPad. After downloading the free app on iTunes, players can cast their spells to determine the supreme element. Each element has a pawn figure that sits on the screen. As you move your figure around the game board, the player casts spells against the opponent. The goal is to be the first player to collect the treasure.

SPELLSHOT works best as a two player game. Each element pawn comes with a spell card that explains the specific moves and spells. I would suggest the practice, aka training, prior to playing the game. It helps to understand how fast and precise each of the movements needs to be for effectiveness.

I played this game with my son. It took a few rounds to fully understand the game strategy and spells. For example, the Earth pawn did a good job at gathering territory, while the Water pawn seemed never to win a battle. After a few games, we got the hang of which moves where better plays to gain the pieces of treasure. There is a learning curve.

I liked this game because it isn't mindless play. Each player must think about his move while protecting, and predicting against, the opponent. For example, do you block your opponent's path to treasure or move forward to collect your own. Depending on your particular pawn, each decision matters.

SPELLSHOT would be a great airplane game. While you do need two players, it would pass the time on those long, tedious holiday flights. Since each game is different, the kids wouldn't have the boredom factor.

SPELLSHOT zAPPed edition retails online at Hasbro.com as well as many other major retailers. The game sells for $14.99 and is recommended for ages 8 and up.

Put your elemental skills to the test with SPELLSHOT.

Disclosure: I received this game to review. All opinions are my own.

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