Turning the iPad into Battleship, Battleship zAPPed Movie Edition, review

My kids love Battleship. We first introduced them to the classic game as a way to understand strategy and critical thinking. Most importantly. who doesn't love hearing that classic line - you sank my battleship!

As items change, technology plays a major roles in our lives. Especially in our house, iPads and iPhones are a large source of entertainment. Since these devices are convenient for trips and long periods of down time, I try to find classic games that can be adapted to these portable devices. Hasbro has a new iPad based game, Battleship zAPPed Movie Edition.

This game works similar to the classic board game. The player uses his iPad screen as the playing surface when waging epic battles by executing strategic maneuvers, launching devastating missile attaches, and initiating lethal air strikes. With the special technology, the iPad recognizes which ship pawns are in play and where they are moved.

My son took this game to a recent swim meet and played the games for hours. We had the app installed on the iPad and he brought the pieces. He liked the game because he was fighting the aliens from destroying the Earth. While he hasn't see the Battleship movie, he knows the concept of the class Battleship game. This game was easy for him to learn and kept his entertained.

Battleship zAPPed Movie Edition retails for $14.99. It can be purchased on-line or at many mass merchant retailers. IT is recommended for ages 8 and up. The game is played by one player.

If you are looking for a fun iPad linked game for your house, check out Battleship. Now you don't need a partner to sink a battleship.

Disclosure: I occasionally write product reviews for Hasbro. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this post.

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