Save the moment in a highlight reel with Pincam - Review

As a parent, I have sat through hours and hours of school performances, football games, swim meets and many more kids related activities over the years. While I, (like many parents) are thrilled to watch 30 or more minutes of the first graders sing about the US Presidents, the grandparents would appreciate an abridged version of the video. But cutting and splicing video in a convenient package can be difficult and time consuming for many of us. That's why I'm using Pincam.

Pincam is an app for the iPhone and iPad. It is a simple and easy way to turn your long, drawn-out videos into a professional highlight reel. Either upload an existing video or record directly from the app, you can cut, splice and compile the best parts into a seamless clip to share with everyone.

Personally, I use my iPhone or iPad to record many events. From football games to school events, I find the video option a very convenient way to capture many moments. The aspect that I didn't like was that I had difficulty editing and sending the videos to family and friends. Of course, I could start and stop taping periodically, but who wants 10 -30 second videos in her inbox. Now with Pincam, I can record a whole series of football plays and consolidate the recording into the defensive highlights.

The whole system is easy to use. Simply add a pin to a time or favorite part in the video.  Each pin is 5 seconds in the timeline. The Pincam records 1.5 seconds before and 3.5 second after the pin. The highlight reel consists of your series of pins. Editing made simple. The app does the work for you.

Another fun aspect to Pincam is the 20 plus filters for the video. Turn a walk in the park into a black and white master piece or add shadows to a scary Halloween made by you movie. While editing your video, simply swipe the screen to add the various effects.

A very important aspect to Pincam is that you can share your highlight video directly from the app. Share the winning touchdown dance on Facebook or  YouTube. The videos are saved to your device too so that you can upload them to your computer at home at another time.

Pincam is available for free at the iTunes store. It is available under the Photo/Video category or at the following link

Discard the video gaps!  Keep the highlights videos coming with Pincam.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored review. 

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