Rock of Ages rocking the stage to the screen-review

A few years ago, I was able to see the stage version of Rock of Ages. For anyone who lived and breathed 80s hair bands, this musical, and subsequent movie, is a celebration of the music of their youth. These songs bring many of us back to a carefree time when hair was long, big and everything was LOUD. October 9 brings Rock of Ages the Movie to DVD and Blu-ray.

Rock of Ages the movie staring Tom Cruise, Juliana Hough and numerous A-list celebrities will be released on DVD-Blu-Ray October 9. It you have ever wanted to see Tom Cruise is a totally uncharacteristic role, this movie is a must see.

If you aren't familiar with the movie, the story is set in the 1980s on the Sunset Strip. From the idealistic up and coming young performers to the struggling nightclub in need of salvation, these characters, at their core, have a love of rock n' rock music.

Tom Cruise plays the charismatic singer Stacey Jaxx, who is condemned by the conservative protesters. He struggles to find his true persona while overindulging in almost every vice.  I find myself wanting to dislike this slightly unbalanced character, but I long to see what unorthodox act he will do next. His stage performances are definitely a must see.

The other side of the movie is the relationship between Drew and Sherrie. These young up and coming artists try to find the balance between romance, career and not selling out to achieve their dreams. As said in the movie, "the spotlight doesn't just light them up, it makes them disappear."  Drew struggles with record company executives to maintain his integrity while Sherrie loses herself in the hopes to retain her place in Drew's life.The cliche story of young love is brought to life with the lyrics of popular songs. The view definitely can empathize with each difficult decision.

Bringing these stories together is the iconic Bourbon Room and its iconic music. For me, the funnest moments of the movie are between Lonnie and Dennis (Russell Brand's and Alec Baldwin characters).  These guys are the heart and soul of the club and the conscious of the era.

Still, the biggest part of this movie is the music. So many classic 80s songs are in this movie. From Whitesnake to Winger, 80s fans will be singing and dancing for the entire score. This step back in time will make you nostalgic for those moments of unburdened freedom.

Rock of Ages the DVD and/Blu-Ray as well as the movie soundtrack will be available for purchase at Best Buy on October 9.

So grab your hair spray and 80s cassettes for a Rock N Roll inspired movie night with Rock of Ages.

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