Esio Beverage System, the drinks you want at the push of a button

Take a quick look at your refrigerator.  Count how many sports drinks, lemonade, fitness waters etc are in the refrigerator. Now take a look at your counter. Is there are large coffee maker taking up too much space. What if there was a way to eliminate both the coffee maker and all those extra beverages in your refrigerator?  Now there is. It is called the Esio Beverage System.

The Esio Beverage system serves both hot and cold beverages directly from its counter top unit. Plus, this system isn't just coffee or tea. The versatile E-Paks come in a variety of options like Country Time Lemonade, Maxwell House, Crystal Light and many more. With this multi-use unit, you can reduce the number of bottles in your fridge. At only $0.40/ serving, this beverage system is a cost saver too.

I have an Esio beverage system in our house. Since we have been using it, I have reduced the number of fitness water bottles purchased, reduced my breakfast coffee prep time and increased the space in my refrigerator. Plus, with the hot or cold option, we have the beverages we want at the push of a button.

Personally, I love that the kids can fill and refill their water bottles from the Esio with fitness water and sports drinks. We don't have the problem of half drunk bottles going to waste. Plus, I'm spending less money.

Also, if you have having a party, the Esio gives you tons of drink options. Th easily interchangeable E-Paks means one guest can have Crystal Light and the next person can have V8 Splash immediately following. There is no cross over. Simply stated, you get drinks at the push of a button.

The Esio Beverage system is available for purchase at several Walmart stores across the nation. It costs $199 and come with 2 free E-Paks, which is a twelve dollar value. Also read more about the product on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

With the holidays coming aroung the corner, don't delay. Get your Esio Beverage System at Walmart today!

Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a promotion for the Esio Beverage System. All opinions are mine. I may win a gift card for writing this post.

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