Childhood classic comes to life in Hansel and Gretel animated storytale by Epic Tales- review/giveaway

There are certain stories that evoke childhood memories. For me, I loved reading the classic Grimm fairy tales. One of my favorites is Hansel and Gretel. I'm not sure why I was drawn to this story. Maybe it is because the children succeed or because there is a happy ending. This fairy tale was bedtime companion.

I like to share some of my favorite stories with my kids. Unfortunately, in today's reading landscape, the kids are drawn to more fantastical or humorous stories. While I understand the draw of stories involving wedgies and superheroes, I want them to read other books too (maybe they would even like the stories that I had growing up).

The easiest way for my  kids to engage in other literature is through reading apps. These apps have superlative animation that keeps the kids engaged in the story. With the option to read to self or read to, the reading app can grow with your child as his reading ability increases.

The Hansel and Gretel: Epic Tales animated story book is a perfect example of bringing a classic story to life. For many of us, we know the tale. Two little children are left in the wood where they become captives of the evil witch. Of course, the children escape and live happily ever after.

There are several items that I enjoy about this animated story book. First, the animation is high quality. From each picture to the interactive elements, the scene jumps off your iPad. The colors are rich yet realistic. Each scene feels as if a child's imagination came to life.

The read to self option for this story book is interesting. Instead of having separate pages or half picture/half written word, the story scrolls under the picture. When the page is complete, stars sweep the page alerting the reader to move to the next page. The pace of the words is good for an intermediate reader.

In addition to the story itself, this app has interactive play area. Each chapter has specific items that move, make sound and add character to the story. My kids enjoy seeing the fun features after a story. We use the play feature as a reward for reading well.

For those traveling with kids or for long waits, I think that the Hansel and Gretel Epic Tales animated story book would be a perfect companion. Many kids are very familiar with iPads or iPhones and parents don't have to bring tons of items to occupy the down time. This story will keep the kids engaged. The read to me portion is like having a little movie on your iPad.

Hansel and Gretel Epic Tales Animated Story Book is available on iTunes. It can be purchased for $4.99. This app can be used both on iPads or iPhone.

The creators of this app have graciously given me 2 codes for the Hansel and Gretel Epic Tales Animated Story Book to giveaway. Please use the Rafflecopter to enter.

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