Wet Ones, wiping away the germs for back to school - review

Back to school season comes with lots of excitement. From new clothes to new school supplies, kids and parents count down the days before the first school bus arrives at the door.

But for moms, we understand that back to school can be back to germs. When you get a lot of little kids together, the spread of germs is likely. From the occasional sneeze to the errant cough, kids like to share their germs with their friends.

Of course, we all know that washing our hands is the best way to reduce the spread of germs, but we have to be realistic. Sinks and soaps aren't everywhere and kids, even though we try, may not be on top of the hand washing. That's why simple solutions, like Wet Wipes, are a great way to keep germs at bay.

In a recent back to school survey, the following facts were discovered:
  • Only 9% of Moms have faith that their kids wash their hands a great deal of the time while they’re at school
  • The average Mom estimated her kids touch roughly 100 items between leaving the house and eating lunch at school.
  • 71% of Moms say they’re concerned about the cleanliness of their kids’ hands when they eat lunch at school.
  • 87 % of moms are significantly concerned over their kids catching a cold and keeping their kids healthy during the school year
I don't know about your family, but I often cringe when I'm out with my kids. For some reason, they are obsessed with touching every handrail, door, or icky surface that comes in their path. I can't imagine how many germs are on every surface. But, when you're out and about, a clean sink with soap can be difficult to find. I keep individually wrapped Wet Ones in my purse.

I like the Wet Ones better than anti-bacterial liquid because I can physically wipe off my kids hands. With little boys, especially, they tend to get goop in their fingernails. With the Wet Ones, I know that I can physically remove those germs before we sit down for lunch, snack or an ice cream treat. Plus, an extra wipe after our treat can clean up the mess that they have made down their shirt.

Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes kill 99.99% of germs. With the kids back in school, toss a Wet One in a lunch box instead of a napkin. Suggest that your kids wipe their hands before eating and clean up their hands when they are finished. They can keep the germs at bay and be ready for the afternoon of learning.

Wet Ones come in a variety of options. From individually wrapped single wipes to a purse package and even a larger container, Wet Ones are perfect for any occasion when soap and water aren't available. From visits to zoos or just a trip to the football field, Wet Ones are the convenient way to wipe off hands, faces and even a mouth guard.

What is your best defense against the spread of germs?  Share your tips in the comments section.

Disclosure: I received Wet Ones to review. I was not compensated for this post.

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