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Some days when I'm knee deep in laundry, overwhelmed by busy schedules and would like to drink a huge glass of wine, I wonder what a jet setter life would be like. Would the traveling from city to city be adventurous or monotonous? Could I make it past the velvet rope at the hottest restaurants and clubs? Would my closet be full of the hippest designer fashion? Well my day dreaming moments may not become reality, but I can immerse myself in this world when I read the novel, Bicoastal Babe by Cynthia Langston.

This novel is a fun diversion for fans of women authors. Whether you are looking for a weekend read or an occasional break from the norm, this novel about a young women thrust into a ever changing, fast paced world as a trend tracker has lightheaaring moments. Traveling from NYC to LA for her job could make Lindsay jaded. In the end, she finds that she can trust her instincts and rise to the top of her profression.

What I like about this novel is that there is heart behind the story. Yes, there is hyperbole of a world that I may never join. More importantly, the young woman finds the will, desire and confidence to achieve a successful life.

Since this novel is from a woman author, the perspective feels authentic, not manipulated into a scenario that seems female friendly. The words and emotions are relatable to women because we have been in those scenarios. Who hasn't drowned her heartbreak sorrows in a big bowl of Ben & Jerrys ice cream? Still, women can rise from that moment of despair and triumphant.

If you are looking for an enjoyable, relatable novel, I highly suggest Bicoastal Babe by Cynthia Lamgston Grab yourself a glass of wine, a piece of chocolate and a few moments to relish for yourself and a good book.

Disclosure: I received this book to review. I was not compensated and all opinions are mine.

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