The Lion and the Mouse, interactive story app for kids of all ages - review

Since my kids play on my iPad often, I try to find reading or educational apps that can be mixed in with the various games that they love. I've found that my kids will return to the reading apps when the story is interactive. While my kids can read, they like when there are vignettes or features that add to the story.

Recently we purchased the story app The Lion and the Mouse by Kid-Mind Studios. The story is a familiar one. The lion wants to eat the mouse, but relents when the mouse convinces otherwise. The mouse offers his help to the lion in the future since he has not become dinner. 

As the story continues, the mouse makes good on his promise to help the lion. When the lion gets caught in a net, the mouse finds a way to release the lion from the trap. The morale of the story is simple. At some point in time, you will rely on others for help. Treat everyone who you want to be treated and the favor will be returned.

This story app has multiple ways of use. The story can be read to the child, the child can read the story himself, or the nighttime option reads the story without the animation. It is easy for kids to use on their own.

I really like the read to the child option. As the story is read, each world is highlighted. It is a great way for the kids to start to associate spoken and written words. The pace is good for beginning readers to follow along without difficulty.

My boys like the interactive features of the story. From making the mouse go through the hole or helping the mouse swing through the vines, the play aspect added to their enjoyment of the story. According to them, they felt that the play time made them more interested in the story line.

The Lion and the Mouse is available at the app store. The app retails for $2.99.

When your family is ready to download its next app, consider an interactive story app like the Lion and the Mouse.

Disclosure: I received this app and compensation for this review. All opinions are my own.

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