Text Bands letting kids express themselves -review

My kids pick up on everything. I'm not sure if it's today's culture or that we are a tech dependent house that causes them to be immersed in iPhones, computers, etc. Since my children are young, the idea of giving them a cell phone has not entered my mine. Yes they play with my phone. giving them their own phone, I'm not ready to do. Still they want to share messages and communicate with friends like the older folks. Now there is a fun, age appropriate option, Text Bands.

Text Bands are a way for kids to text each other a 10 character message. You can create up to 24 messages on your text band. After you create your message, you bump fists, high five or swipe your Text Band with another Text Band wearer. Your message will go to the other person's Text Band and vice versa.

My kids have been bumping fists non-stop. For home to in the car, they create and share messages with each other. We took a fairly long car trip and the text bands kept the boys occupied the entire way. They could share secret messages without mom or dad saying what or please stop.

The spokesperson for Text Bands is Cody Simpson. For those of you who aren't familiar, Cody Simpson is teen singing sensation. Cody is traveling around the country this summer. Our family was able to meet Cody and hear him perform some of his new songs at a Hallmark event. Plus, we got to trade text messages with Cody on our Text Bands!  What did we share?  Go Pack Go of course!

Text Bands can be purchased exclusively at Hallmark stores. A Text Band starter kit retails for $14.99 and contains style band and texting module. Additional style bands can be purchased for $4.99.

Disclosure: I received Text Bands and an invitation to a private Hallmark event. I was not compensated for this review.

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