Keeping kids entertained with Merry Cherub universal app- review

As you sit and wait at the doctor's office, car dealer, or even car pool line, kids can get bored easily and quickly. Any mom will know that the key to keeping boredom at bay is to have lots of activities. Unfortunately, tons of activities can mean lots of item to lug with you. Personally, I prefer to keep my load light, which is why I use our iPad and iPhones for my kids' entertainment.

I'm sure that some parents may not want to immediately resort to electronic devices for distraction, but many apps have educational benefits for the kids. Of course, there are games with birds and projectiles, but kids can learn and explore with many apps. We are a technology driven world and kids have become very adept at using electronic devices. Since computers, tablets and smartphones are here to stay, I prefer to introduce my kids to these educational apps.

Even smaller children can use iPhone and iPad apps. One Monk Clapping offers a variety of universal apps (meaning they work well on the iPhone and iPad) that are perfect for younger children.

The Merry Cherub app helps children learn animals. By swiping the screen, an image of an animal is revealed. Once the image is complete, the name of the animal is said in English as well as Spanish. Additional languages, including Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic and Hindi, are available for purchase. 

There are two items that I really appreciate about this app. First, the background music is soothing. Many kid friendly music can test adult's patience. Also, there are multiple music tracks so that you and your child don't get bored hearing the same music over and over.

Second, the app re-enforces the cause and effect principle. Kids learn that touching the screen can reveal an image.  Even at the earliest stage of development, kids can interact with this app. The reveal effects make it fun for the kids to see bubbles appear and fade into an elephant or giraffe.

Merry Cherub can be purchased at the iTunes app store for $2.99.

In addition to Merry Cherub, One Monk Clapping offers other universal apps including Natural Tots, Natural Tots Flowers, Natural Tots Birds and Natural Tots Scenery.

Keep your bag of tricks simple. Install the One Monk Clapping Merry Cherub app and keep your child entertained.

Disclosure: My opinions are my own. I was asked to review this app and was provided compensation for my review.

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