Wendy's Son the Baconator, curing my bacon craving

There is one food item that I crave. It is bacon. The crunchy, crispy piece of pork, especially on top of a juicy made to order hamburger. But, I'm trying to watch how much I eat. What I want is a smaller portion of the yummy bacon burger that I desire. Wendy's offers a solution to my dilemma, the Son of the Baconator.

The Son of the Baconator is two fresh, never frozen hamburger patties, which is topped with four pieces of crispy bacon. Served on a buttered bun and additional toppings including mayo, ketchup and American cheese, this burger lives up to it's baconator name.

I stopped by Wendy's for a late lunch/early dinner with the kids the other day. I was craving bacon. So I ordered the Son of the Baconator (without mayo).  Remember at Wendy's you can customize your hamburger. I usually like a little lettuce or tomatoes on my burger. At Wendy's I can request the additional items as well as remove certain that I don't like.

The best part of my hamburger was the bacon. It was crispy. Crispy bacon is key to any good burger. Between the buttered bun, the bacon, cheese and hamburger combination was so yummy.

Since I try to eat smaller portions, the Son of the Baconator was great for me.  It has all the goodness of the original Baconator, just not as large. The Baconator has 1/4 hamburger patties while the Son of the Baconator has junior hamburger patties. I was definitely satisfied, but not over full.

Next time you have a bacon craving, head over to Wendy's for a Son of the Baconator.Your craving will be satisfied.

Disclosure: I received a Wendy's gift card to try this menu item.

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