Stop the battery meltdown

How busy has your summer been?  We haven't had a day off since it began. It's been crazy. Going to swim meets, birthday parties, summer festivals, and just being out of the house has taken up every day, week and month. Even just during the day we get up early and get home late. Since I live on my iphone, it's hard to make sure that it is fully charged for our long days.

Of course, if I'm in the car, there is a car charger. But I don't spend my days in a car. I need a device that charge my iphone effectively and anywhere. One good option for me is a portable usb charger batteries.

This type of device can provide 3 or 4 charges to an almost dead phone. Now while I'm sitting at the pool or at the amusement park, I can make sure that we have plenty of juice to make it back home.

These type of charges aren't just for phones. It can be used to charge cameras, video cameras and other electronic devices. Think about it. You don't want to be at the end of season baseball game and have no battery life in your camera. You won't forgive yourself if you miss that game winning home run that you child just hit. Make sure that you keep your batteries charged and ready for the perfect moment.

So whether you are active around your town, heading out to long road trip or just planning ahead for a busy school year, consider adding a usb charger to your family's must haves. You'll leave the battery crisis in the dust.


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