Monopoly zAPPed, bringing the beloved game to your iPad, review

What is your most frustrating aspect of playing Monopoly? Mine is getting stuck in jail. Waiting to be set free can be excoriating long. In my iPad dependent house, I say there should be an app for that. Now there is.

Monopoly zAPPed brings the beloved monopoly game to life via your iPad. This game provides the excitement of building your empire with interactive games on your iPad. The premises of the game is the same. Buy properties, increase your holdings, collect rent and avoid the pitfalls. The twist comes from the use of your iPad.

Your iPad is placed in the center of the game board. You use the Monopoly Zapped app to upload your cash, play mini games and possibly get yourself out of jail.This version of Monopoly is a digitally interactive experience.

My favorite part of this game is the get out of jail mini game. Basically you have to help Mr. Monopoly escape. If you can get him over the wall and into the race car you're home free. You can even play the mini-game separately from the main board game. It's a fun game for the kids to play and keep away boredom.

The kids liked the electronic banking part of the game. Simply touch your card to the iPad and your money appears. Definitely not a real life example, but it's fun to see the money digitally go into your account. 

Most important, make sure that your iPad is charged (a problem we had once). It definitely puts a damper on the game, when your iPad says low battery. Luckily we had a charger close by. Also, I recommend putting your iPad in airplane mode so that you don't get interrupted with incoming messages or alerts.

Monopoly zAPPed can be purchased at a variety of retailers. The suggested retail price is $29.99 (iPad not included). Also, you must have the Monopoly Zapped app installed. The app is free at the app store.

So put a new spin on the classic Monopoly game and get zAPPed today! 

Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a campaign with Hasbro.

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