Wendy's Almond Berry Salad, refreshing for the summer-review

With our super busy schedule this summer, it seems that we are eating out more frequently. While drive through options are convenient, I still want to eat fresh, savory options. Wendy's has a new salad that fits this bill.

The Wendy's Almond Berry Salad offers a refreshing blend of fruit and greens to make a tasty salad that everyone can enjoy. These 11 field greens are topped with a combination of warm grilled chicken breast and shredded Asiago cheese. Combine all the goodness with a fat free raspberry vinaigrette dressing, you have a hearty salad for a satisfying meal.

I grabbed an entree Almond Berry Salad for my dinner on my way to my son's swim meet. I was pleasantly surprised with my dinner. Usually I don't do fast food before a meet. With 4 or more hours in the sun, I don't want anything heavy in my stomach. This salad was light yet satisfying. The chicken is a great source of protein while the berries were tart and juicy. Personally I don't. Like almonds, so I pulled those item off. I was skeptical of having berries in my salad, but I was pleased with the combination.

The Almond Berry Salad is available in entree and half-size portions. This salad is just one of several seasonal offerings available at Wendy's.

So next time you want a fresh idea for dinner, think about Wendy's Almond Berry Salads.

Disclosure: I received a gift card to try this salad. All opinions are my own.

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