Flash Giveaways for the TV Dinner giveaway

Ready for a FUN Flash Giveaway? How about 4 Fun Flash Giveaways where you can enter to WIN $15 Amazon per giveaway?? Pretty awesome right? All you need to do is comment on the Blog Frog Community below...you can comment 1x for each Flash Giveaway! Then tune into: America’s Got Talent: Tuesday, June 12, from 9-10pm ET Monday, June 18, from 9-10pm ET So You Think You Can Dance Wednesday, June 13, from 8-10pm ET Wednesday, June 20, from 8-10pm ET And join us on your iPad on TV Dinner! There will be a 24 hour $15 Amazon Gift Card for each of the following days: Tuesday, June 12 Wednesday, June 13 Monday, June 18 Wednesday, June 20 Must attend the TV Dinner event in order to be eligible for the flash giveaway each day. Good luck and Enjoy the show!!   .

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