What can you do in 5 minutes? Dawn Power Clean Challenge review

I often think, what could I do with just 5 minutes more time?  Five minutes really doesn't seem like a lot. It's time to brush your teeth or wash your face. Maybe it is a simple little task to complete. Maybe it is time to sit and drink a cup of coffee. Maybe it is just 5 minutes of silence before the kids get home from school and chaos begins. Whatever the action or moment of zen, most definitely it is not a huge amount of time.
When I was told that I could clean my most stubborn, dirty dishes in five minutes I was in disbelief.

Personally, I hate washing dishes. From the scrubbing to the water to the drying, I wish the dish fairy would come and make everything in the sink disappear. I think for Mother’s Day I’m asking for everyone to do their dishes for a week (a month would be too amazing). I think you understand how much I hate washing dishes.

So, with my dislike of washing dishes, I took the Dawn Power Clean Challenge. What is Dawn Power Clean?  It is a line of power products that give your dishes an overnight soak in just five minutes. From cutting grease to dissolving foods, the Dawn Power Clean micro-scrubbing enzymes power through food messes with ease.

Was I skeptical, yes. Am I now a believer, absolutely. So I put Dawn to the test this past week. The first challenge was oatmeal from breakfast. My wonderful children forgot to rinse their bowls after breakfast. I came home to caked on oatmeal. Yuck. I soaked the bowls with Dawn for five minutes. With just a few wipes, the bowls were clean. I started to lose my skepticism.

Next up would be a bigger challenge, the dreaded enchilada night. Melted cheese stuck to a plate is icky. It makes your sponge gooey. So, I’m crossing my fingers on the Dawn challenge. I soaked the plates for 5 minutes. Cheese easily came off. No mess on my sponge and my dishes were clean. I have become a fan.

I thought about what I could do with my new five minute dish cleaning routine. I could put the dishes in for a soak and get the kids started on homework. Time saved during our nightly routine. Also, the faster clean-up time means a few extra minutes with a book or writing. Most importantly, the Dawn Power Clean means no waking up to a sink full of dirty dishes. Dirty dishes before you even start your day is a definite downer.

Simplify your dish washing routine with Dawn Power Clean. Take the 5 minute soaking challenge and gain back time with your family.  

For more info on Dawn, please visit http://www.dawn-dish.com,    Dawn on Facebook or  follow @dawndishsoap on Twitter.

Disclosure:  I have received free product for participating. For my complete disclosure policy, please visit www.more4momsbuck.com/disclosure.

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