Showing off my girlie side with glass nail files, review

In a house full of boys, I like a few things that express my girlie side. It doesn't have to be a pink bathroom or a chaise lounge, but a little item or two that show my feminine side.

I like to have girlie style accessories. It doesn't have to be a diamond bracelet or a huge cocktail ring. A small item that fits in my purse can bring a twinkle to my eyes. For example, my new glass nail files.

I carry my nail file in my purse. It's cute to look at and no one would mistake it for a boy item. I think that most women consider a nail file a must in her purse. It's so annoying to have a nail break and spend the day with a broken nail. But, what mom wants to have a boring nail file. Not me. Still the nail file must work well. Style is great, but function is key. My new glass nail file has both style and function. I feel confident keeping it in my purse for nail emergencies.

If you don't want a sparkly version. A plain glass nail file is available too. The best part about these nail files is that they are durable and don't scratch the inside of your purse.  If you've ever rubbed your hand against an emery board, it's not pleasant. You don't have to worry about rub burns from your glass nail file.

Are you looking to buy a glass nail file?  There are various companies in the market. Look around for one that fits your personality. Maybe you like bright colors or maybe you like a simple design. Either way, you can find one that is a perfect match.

Even with the simple accessories in your life you can share a little bit of style. Don't be boring any more. With Mother's Day around the corner, it is a perfect time to start fresh.

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