Give your kids an advantage with learn to speak Lighting-fast Japanese review-giveaway

Knowing a second language is so important in today's society. Whether you were raised bilingual or learned a second language in school, this skill can become very helpful in business. The biggest obstacle in law ring a second language is finding a learning technique that works with you and not against you. Starting kids young while their cognitive skills are developing helps their ability to develop the second language skill.

Recently our family was given the opportunity to review a new book, Lightning-fast Japanese for Kids and Families. The premise of the book is simple incorporate the language that you want to learn into your daily life and you will begin to understand and speak the new language.

I really like this book because it focuses on words you would use in daily conversation. I remember conjugating verbs in Spanish class and learning about Spanish poetry, but I rarely (actually never) use this information in my daily life. With Lightning Fast Japanese, my kids and I are using real world phrases and words.

In our family, we have been using the book during our week-night dinners. I would look up a few words about what we are eating for us to practice saying throughout the meal. It was simple for the kids to follow along and easy for them to get into the flow. If we didn't want to talk about chicken (again) sometimes we would talk about school or other extra-curricular activities.

The key to this program is getting everyone fluent in words you use in common conversation. For anyone who speaks a second language you understand that repetition and use is key to speaking the language well. This program leads you in the right direction.

Also, this book is a great way reference for traveling aboard. Stash it in your carry on to brush up on your skills before a trip.

The author of this book, Carolyn Woods, offers other language books as well. Whether you want to learn Spanish, Chinese or German, she has a book for you. The technique is the same just the language is changed. Since your family is familiar with the process you could add other languages easily.

Lightning Fast Japanese is available as an ebook or can be purchased on-line at Amazon.

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Disclosure: I received a copy of this book to review and one to giveaway. For more information, please see

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  1. i believe learning other languages helps later in life.

  2. I want my children to learn Spanish or Japanese.

  3. german :)

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  4. it is important to teach kids early so they have an easier time in life to continue learning. i would love for my daughter to learn a second language

    christinejessamine at hotmail dot com

  5. knowing a second language has helped me get jobs. I wish I started learning at a younger age.
    I'd like my son to have a head start. plus, we can talk to each other in japanese, and daddy won't understand XD

  6. Knowing more than one language will help my daughter be able to communicate with more people and can help in future career