Cleaning my house after renovations with steam

Recently, we decided to make some changes to our house. Why change is good, it causes a little chaos. From moving furniture to reducing clutter, everything is in a different spot. 

When you live a busy life, sometimes you don't notice that there might be a stain on the carpet under the couch. Maybe you miss that corner of the stove that has a piece of sauce from last night's dinner. Sometimes everything just needs a good scrub. It is not that stuff is filthy, but items just need to get clean and fresh. 

As I set out to spruce up the house (both before and after the renovation), I was trying to think of the best ways to clean. I prefer not to have tons of chemicals floating around. I don't like the smell of hard chemicals. Also, I try to get my kids to help me with the cleaning. With some cleaners, I don't fee comfortable with my kids handling them. 

The most important aspect of cleaning the house is that it is clean. How do you know that it is clean?  Why a fresh smell is nice. The fragrance might just mask the fact that there is still bacteria and germs lurking in and around the house. I think that we all can agree that we don't want germs in the house. 

One option for whole house cleaning is a steamer. Many of you may be familiar with various steam mops. Beyond those simple devices you can get a steamer that cleans everything in your house. One example, the ladybug steamers, can tackle any cleaning job.

This type of steamer can hand windows, floors, kitchen appliances, and bathroom fixtures. With the power and effectiveness of steam, you can disinfect and deodorize all the surfaces in your home. No need for additional chemicals the steamer does it all. 

Now that I have all my renovations and painting done, I'm working my way around the house to clean. With a steamer, every surface from floor to ceiling will be sparkling clean. 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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