When a friend's personality morphs, Chuck: The Complete Fifth Season

There are times in your relationships with friends where you wonder, what are they thinking? Why are they acting like a complete tool? 

For fans of Chuck, you know that Chuck experienced this personality transformation with Morgan. Having side effects from the Intersect, Morgan becomes obnoxious. After years of friendship, what is a good friend to do?

I've seen friends change their personalities over time. Some changes are understandable. For example, when you have a baby, your life changes. Maybe you are focused more on diapers or feeding times. I know that going to the newest movie or having a drink at a bar wasn't my priority with a new baby. Some of my friends thought that I was distant. It wasn't that I didn't want to be with them, rather, my lifestyle was changing. My real friends understood that I would return to my old self when the pressure of being a new mom subsided.

In other instances, I saw friends change for no good reason. Who knows what caused the change, but the change was not a beneficial one.For example, I had a friend who went from a normal life to everything being over the top.She starting wearing only designer jeans and only eating at expensive restaurants. If I didn't dress or go where she wanted, she wouldn't hang out with me. Definitely not cool. From being self-absorbed or just obnoxious, these changes show a person not being a real friend. Who wants to be around them?  The personality change was a great way for me to see who was my real friend.

What would you do in this situation?  Have you had a friend with a personality transformation?

If you aren't a fan or Chuck, what do you think that Chuck should do in his situation? Should he ride out Morgan's personality changes or should be ditch his lifelong friend? 

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