Rain, rain, make my plants stay green

We all know the age old phrase, April showers brings May flowers. It is a simple thought that one month can provide a good foundation to the soil for all the plants to grow. Without enough water our plants and flowers wont show their beauty. No one wants a shriveled, brown mess in his yard.

Since one month can be full or rain and the next month barely a drop, what can you do to conserve all that precious water? One option is to have rain water barrels at your home. Think about it. A simple device like rain barrels can help conserve water for a drier time.

If you have seen the cost of utilities rise, you know that commodity planning and alternatives can really help a family's budget. With a simple device that doesn't take much time or effort can be a lifesaver for many households.

What do you think? Does your family participate in rain harvesting? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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