Kids are growing up, time to change their room decor

I hate to admit it, but my kids are growing up. Long gone are the cribs, baby furniture and cute drawings of zoo animals. Part of me is so sad. I spent months picking the perfect colors, theme and wall art for those rooms. Each morning when I would pick up my little bundles of joy, I would look around the room and smile.

Now the kids are school aged and the adorable baby designs just aren't right. The kids don't want giraffes and puppies. Each kid has his own style and likes. For example, one loves Star Wars and the other one loves the Science Channel. At least right now, they like these themes. Since kid's likes and dislikes can change in a heartbeat, I'm scared to overspend on room decorations. I'm happy that they each want to express their own preferences, but I don't want to spend a fortune redesigning their rooms.

We've decided that each child can pick out 2 posters to redecorate his walls. A poster doesn't cost too much money; so that's a reasonable expense. We looked on the internet, at some big box stores and in small specialty shops for the perfect poster for their room. In the end, we, together, found wall art that was acceptable to me and the image of their decor vision.

My big concern is how to mount the poster to the wall. Yes, I could use that blue goo that teachers use or a double sided sticky mount, but that looks like a college dorm. It might be a little snobby, but I want wall art in my house to framed on a wall.

Have you ever tried to get wall art or a poster framed?  A custom frame can cost triple to quadruple what I've paid for the poster. There's no way I'm going to overspend on a frame for a poster that my kid won't like in 6 months.

With a little research, you can find poster frame options that won't break the bank. But, do your research. You need to check the quality and durability of your framing choices. Saving money is great, but having a poster frame crash on your kid's head while he is sleeping isn't an option. A quality product at a great value can't be beat.

When your kids want to redecorate their space, don't see dollar signs and disasters. Start a conversation with your kids. Have them express their wants and you share your concerns. In the end, you both can be appeased. A nicely framed poster might transform the kids' room into their design dream.

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