Vistaprint 6 free products for tax season


Who is stressing over taxes? Don’t let tax season stress you out!  With this set of free stationery and organizational tools, you’ll be set to get your paperwork and taxes in order in no time. 

Vistaprint products make it easy for you to jot down notes, calculate sums and organize your home office. Plus, each of our products can be tailored for you. With the wide variety of customization options you’ll be able to personalize your items however you’d like. Whether you’re personalizing a pen, notebook or sticky notes, you can choose the design you love best and add your own message.

Shipping Prices start at:

  • Note Pad: $5.65
  • Checks: $5.23
  • Pens: $5.77
  • Sticky Notes: $5.70
  • Notebooks: $5.94
  • Business Cards: $7.09

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