Trop50 Red Orange, keeping my breakfast on track review/giveaway

I love starting my day with a big glass of orange juice. But juice can contain lots of empty calories. I've been trying to watch how much I eat and how many calories I burn. After all, summer (which means shorts and bathing suits) is just around the corner. Since I'm being calorie conscious, I've turned to Trop50.

Trop50 is a juice beverage that offers the goodness of juice with 50 percent less sugar and calories. Plus, there are no artificial sweeteners.(Trop50 uses PureVia).

Trop50 has added a new juice beverage to its line, Trop50 Red Orange. This flavor blends orange juice with lush red oranges for a refreshingly smooth taste. I like this version of Trop50 not only for breakfast but also with a little seltzer water as an afternoon thirst quencher. A little break from my many glasses of water. Also, I think that Trop50 Red Orange would be perfect for Easter mimosas.

Here's what a bottle of Trop50 offers:

50 calories in each eight-ounce glassA full day’s supply of vitamin C – an excellent source
A good source of potassium

With all this talk about eating better, here are four secrets to authentic eating from Elizabeth Somer, author of Eating Your Way to Sexy.
Four secrets to authentic eating
  • Secret #1: Evict the junk. The more junk-food temptation you clear from the house, the easier it will be to stick with the plan. Remove the junk so it won’t control your life.
  • Secret #2: Store the stash. Restock empty cupboards with authentic foods.
  • Secret #3: Carry the goodies. Always bring authentic foods with you. You won’t find mangos or baby carrots at a drive-through, so pack your lunch, snacks or nibbles when you are on the go.
  • Secret #4: Keep it simple. The biggest time-saver is making a weekly menu and shopping list. Plan and shop Sunday afternoon for the whole week. Organize the list by area in the grocery store to save more time. Cook in batches for multiple meals throughout the week. Use time-saving gadgets, such as a microwave, a food processor and a toaster oven. Use quick-fix items, like bagged lettuce, instant brown rice and frozen stir-fry veggies. 
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