Spring has sprung, time to get out and play

If someone had told me that Chicago would be experiencing almost 80 degree weather for five consecutive days in March, I would never believe it. Usually March is rainy and damp. It is definitely not time for kids to be outside and playing.

Luckily the past couple days have been absolutely gorgeous. The kids have been asking to go to a park. After being stuck inside for so many months, it is so nice to get outside and play.

In our area we have many city parks. These parks have themes, tons of equipment and lots of safety features. One safety feature is rubber mulch.

If you are like me, there weren't a lot of safety features at my parks. Usually it was concrete floors and squeaky swings. Today, there are many playground safety features, like rubber mulch.

If you have ever been to a park with rubber mulch you know how funny it feels to step on it for the first time. There is a bouncy quality that you don't expect at first. With a spring-like quality, the rubber mulch is good for kids when they jump off the monkey bars (or so my kids tell me). I've watched them jump down and there seems to be a lessened impact on their fall. Sometimes I think that this surface makes the kids a little more daring, but at least it doesn't hurt as much when they take the occasional tumble.

The Rubber Mulch company doesn't just do playground flooring. Other products include landscape mulch. Anyone who has had their plants under-perform done to lack of moisture understands how important mulch can be.

Next time you are enjoying a day at the park or just being outside think about all the new products that make our lives easier. Rubber Mulch just might be one of them.

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