Spring has sprung, time to get fit

I can't believe that Spring is here. The birds are out, the grass is getting green and shorts are abundant. Yikes. After being cooped up in the house of months, the thought of wearing shorts and tank tops is a frightening idea.

Of course, I workout and try to eat well. But sometimes your body needs a change to its routine. For example, I don't like to run. I will avoid it like the plague. But if I add some running to my workout routine, I could get my legs stronger. When you keep the same workout time and time again, your body gets accustomed to that exercise. It takes more effort to get the same results. 

Other options can be turning to exercise programs. There are many different programs available. Some people swear by Extreme Body Workout  90 Day Review and Beach Body. Other people prefer yoga or Pilates.

Personally, I've been trying spin class and some light weights. The spin class gives me a great cardio workout. Between the high energy music and fun instructors, the hour long workout seems to pass quickly. I've seen some great results - recently I was able to wear skinny jeans - I never would have believe that a couple of months ago.

It doesn't matter your choice of workout or exercise plan. As long as you get up, get active and make a commitment, you'll succeed in your goals.

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