The personal trainer in your pocket, Striiv review

What motivates you to work out and be healthy? Is it bathing suit season just around the corner or a special anniversary dress? Whatever your end goal, you can use some support to get yourself on track. A personal trainer is a great idea, except who has large amounts of disposable income to spend on a trainer (not me). What if you had a personal trainer in your pocket that motivates you, tracks your progress and rewards your hard work? What if this gadget was totally affordable? I have just the right gadget, Striiv.

Striiv is like having a personal trainer in your pocket. This device motivates the user to get up, get moving and in turn, get fit.

How does it work?  Simply put the Striiv into your pocket, purse or clip it to your belt. As you move, the Striiv records your physical activity, like walking running and climbing.

Throughout the day you can track your progress. You can even track the results on a chart. It has been shown that people who record their physical activity are more likely to maintain an active lifestyle.

Did you know that logging 3 miles a day can help reduce your risk for Type-2 Diabetes, assist weight management and improve your mood? We all know how important  it is to have a healthy, active lifestyle. The key is to fire up your motivation level.

The Striiv offers several incentives to encourage all your activities. These options include Challenges and Trophies, active gaming and charitable donations.My personal favorite is the charitable contributions.Striiv has partnered with GlobalGiving to offer a walkathon fundraising opportunity.  For all the activity that I log, I can earn donations to 1 of 3 charitable causes.

For my first walkathon, I have chosen to donate to the Tanzania rainforest. I better get off the couch and start moving! By my calculations, 1 spin class should be able to save a parking spot area of the Tanzania rain forest. I'm doing something good for my health and the planet all at the same time!

Stiiv retails for $99 and is available on Amazon, HSN,, select Best Buy stores and

This small device can connect to your computer for easy record keeping. The battery lasts for about 1 week of continual use. It is charged similar to an ipod. Also, the device is lightweight and doesn't get in the way. I can keep it on my car keeps, in my purse or clipped to my running shorts when I work-out.

Right now I have a special offer for all my readers. Please visit to sign-up for a FREE Trial. That's right. You can get a Striiv free during this special try and buy offer. That's a $99 value!

What is the Try and Buy offer?  Simply click on my link ( to try Striiv for 2 weeks. If you aren't moving and motivated, you can return the product and not be charged.  What do you have to lose?

For more information on the Striiv, please visit their website at, @Striiv or Facebook page. 

Say goodbye to the couch potato lifestyle. Get up, get active and stay motivated with Striiv.

Dislcosure: I received a Striiv to review. All opinions are mine. For my complete disclosure policy, please visit

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