Getting ready for planting season

There is an unwritten rule that says you shouldn't plant until after Mother's Day. Someone somewhere determined that there might still be a frost before that specific date. A frost could kill any new plants.

While I know that I shouldn't plant anything, I still like to day dream about where and what I will plant come May. When I look out my kitchen window I can imagine where I will add planter boxes. There are so many options available.

One thought is to a garden window box outside my kitchen window. The idea of having fresh herbs for my cooking is great. I could grow basil and chives or rosemary and oregano. The smell of all the fresh herbs would be very enjoyable.

Other thoughts that I've had is to create window flower boxes. I'm not sure what type of flowers would be best in the situation. But I would love some bright colored flowers outside my window. It would nice to start the day with a bright shock of color.

Do you have a window box? What would you recommend for an inexperienced gardener? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. I love gardening and container gardening is my new joy. I only use heirloom seeds though for the things you are going to eat. Those other seeds have pesticides genetically modified into them. Yuck!
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