Finding promotional items for your next special event

Parties are a big deal in our house. Whether it is the kids’ birthday parties, football parties or holiday celebrations, we go overboard. From tons of food to lots to drink, I want our parties to be special. One item that I tend to obsess on is the party favor. 

Since I host and go to a lot of parties, I want our party favors to be different. I would guess that many of you have received party favors (whether for yourself or your kids) that have conveniently gone into the trash directly after the party. For me, it is sad. I know that the host spent money on the favors, but I don’t need extra stuff that I can’t use in my house. No one wants clutter. Recently, I’ve tried to find goodies that can be used by our guests. 

One easy idea, which I have returned to time and time again, is to buy promotionalitems from a company. These are just like items you have seen at events. I have created a logo or a name for the party. A company can easily print the logo or name on an item. The best part is that the items are not that expensive and they look professional. 

For example, one year we purchased promotional mugs with my son’s annual birthday party theme. I filled the mugs with some candy and each guest got to take home a mug when they left. 

I liked the idea because the gift was different. It wasn’t a toy that would break in a second. The mugs lasted for a long time. I even have some left in the cabinet. In our neighborhood, the mugs became our outdoor drinking cups for barbeques, gatherings and even the pool. Plus, we were able to save a few mugs for my son’s treasure chest (where we keep certain mementos). 

All these type of products would be great for a charity event, school event or sports team fundraiser. The possibilities are endless. 
What do you do for party favors?  Do you have an unique idea for a party favor? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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