Dinner with friends

This guest post from Lewis Beck

We have some friends that we have known since we were in high school. They have become very successful in a multi-level marketing business and have a very nice house in an exclusive neighborhood on the north side of town. Last week they invited my husband and me over for dinner at their house on my birthday. We had never been to their new house so I was excited about getting to see the place. Well I was in for a big surprise when we got there. They had invited all our friends over to have a surprise party for me. It was great to see a lot of people we had not seen in a while. And, I was so appreciative of them giving me the party. After everyone left they gave us a tour of the house. It had a lot of very expensive art pieces, and they even had a wine cellar. They said that since they had moved in they had to get a new security system. They had gotten someone from adt reviews to come out and tell them what would be best for their house. Then the people came out the next week and set everything up. I am sure when you have that much invested in your house and your belongings; you need to do everything possible to protect what you have.

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