Touchtile Reading System, giving my child the tools to be successful reader review/giveaway

I have a son who struggles with reading. At first, we thought that he was just uninterested in learning. But over time, that label is just an excuse. I know that his pronunciation problems hurts his ability to sound out words. Still, he has difficulty reading at his grade level. Over time, I can see where he has a learning difference compared to his fellow classmates.

Finding a tool to assist him with his reading difficulties is key to helping him succeed. Recently, I have been introduced to the Learning Link Technologies Touchtile Reading System.

The Touchtile Reading System understands that phonemic awareness is imperative to reading success. Phonemic awareness is the ability to recognize that a spoken word is composed of a sequence of individual sounds (phonemes).

For example, I know that the word "rock" is a series of three sounds. But for my son, the "r" sound at the beginning of the word is difficult for him to say. Therefore, he would drop the r sound and say "ock" which is not a word. The key is getting him to pronounce all the sounds in order to sound out and read the whole word.

The TouchTile Reading Systems uses a touch and slide method to improve reading skills. When you touch each letter in a word, you say the sound. Touching the letter doesn't allow you to skip over a sound. Each sound is then slid together to make a complete word.

Check out this video to understand how the system works.

The Touchtile™ Reading System consists of six levels:

  • Level One - Consonants, vowels, and blending
    Teaches the student all letter sounds as well as how to blend two sounds together.

  • Level Two - CVC pattern
    Teaches the student how to blend three sounds together with a consonant, vowel, consonant pattern. The system is designed so that the student will naturally learn phonemic patterns that are essential to reading success.

  • Level Three - Blends and digraphs
    Teaches the student how to blend four sounds together with an emphasis on blends and digraphs.

  • Level Four -Long E
    Teaches the student how to successfully use the silent e at the end of words.

  • Level Five -Endings
    Teaches the student how to add endings to words. Endings cause extreme distress to most poor readers, and they often leave them off of the word completely.

  • Level Six -Multi-Syllable Words
    Teaches the student how to blend multi-syllabic words. Multi-syllabic words prove to be especially challenging to struggling readers, and this system will help them successfully learn to sound out words with more than one syllable.
For the past couple of weeks, we have been using the Touchtile Reading System with my son. Since my son struggles with dropping sounds, we worked a lot with level five, endings. My son is becoming more consistent with pronouncing final syllables.

For example, my son tended to drop "s" of plural words. By requiring him to touch each letter and sound it out, he less frequently drops an "s."  Also, we are working on "ed", which he often over pronounces or skips.

These two areas are so important for understanding sentence structure, writing and reading. Think about it. There is a huge difference between a past tense verb and a present tense verb. The effect on reading comprehension is staggering. Now that my son understands the importance of all the sounds of a word, his reading comprehension, pronunciation and reading expression has improved.

We work on extra reading time 15 minutes most days of the week (this time is in addition to his schoolwork). Overall, he is making good progress and I'm pleased with his results. I wish that this system was available when he started reading. The focus on core development is extremely helpful. I believe that it could have prevented him from falling behind in his reading.

The Touchtile Reading System can be purchased on-line at the Learning Link Technology website. The system can be purchased for $149.

Learning Link Technology has graciously given me a Touchtile Learning System to giveaway to my readers. To enter this giveaway, please use the Rafflecopter form. 

Give your child the core keys to be a successful reader with the TouchTile Learning System. The love of reading starts young, but lasts a lifetime. 

Disclosure: I received the TouchTile Reading System to review and to giveaway. For my complete disclosure policy, please visit 

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  1. I read with my daughter every day. We take turns reading to each other and I let her read books that interest her the most

    abfantom at yahoo dot com



  3. We are reading each night before bed!
    Thanks for the chance.

  4. I help my godson by reading to him

  5. Read books with her daily

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  6. We read, read, read. There is always time to read!

  7. I've been reading to my son since he was a baby. We also go the library and I let him pick out his own books.

  8. started at a young age reading and looking at pictures still doing it and now helping him sound out words

  9. We read books every night and we use flash cards for common site words.

  10. I help my son learn to ready by reading to him every day.

  11. Reading to them. Doing ABC flashcards right now with my youngest son.

    aniwilsonintx at hotmail dot com

  12. We do flashcards and writing letters.

  13. he isn't reading yet, but I read to him and do flashcards and we are pointing out letters

  14. flash cards

  15. We read to them. We also watch the Leap Frog dvd and play learning games.

    Paula Michele Hafner

  16. We are still little but are working on what each individual letter means.
    Tam S.

  17. I've got my first baby on the way and am looking forward to figuring out how to help her with reading.

  18. I help my granddaughter by reading to her and also introducing her to the alphabet

  19. We read books everyday and we spell objects around the house.

    barb02_84 (at)

  20. Right now we are practicing our sight words. I got a new Popcorn Site words game and we have been playing that =:)

  21. We do alot of sight words flash cards.

  22. We read together daily. I help him sound out words he does not know and we also talk about letters and words all around us.

    arudig at comcast dot net

  23. I read daily with my 3 and 4 year olds.

    casa del reed at embarQ mail dot com

  24. I read to them and they see how much I enjoy reading. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

  25. We have nightly reading time with our 3 year old and help her pronounce the words

  26. We read every night at bedtime.

  27. I always tell her to sound it out and ask her to read to me.

  28. We read to them a lot and encouraged them constantly

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  29. I have him read out load to me so I can help.

  30. We do phonics and get books the kids like.