Paul Male the MatchMaker, humourous tips on dating today

I don't know about you, but I wasn't very good at dating. Between trying to make a good first impression (don't drink too much or eat too much garlic) or questioning how slow/fast things were going, I always was stressed out. Luckily, I'm married now and don't have to worry about the dating world.

But for those in or having to step back into the dating world, it can be a scary concept. There's a new show that sheds some light on current dating dilemma, Paul the Male Matchmaker. Paul inherits his dearly departed aunt's matchmaking company. Paul seeks to share his wisdom to all his new clients.

For example, in one episode Paul seeks to help Jillian get back into the dating world after the end of a 4 year relationship. Paul's advice to her is to use a dummy to test out her skills. From simple starter conversations to her "moves" Jillian gives the "dummy" her best shot. If only the dummy could give her some positive responses.

While Paul's idea of the "dummy" seems a little much, I get the idea of a "starter" date. I know of a couple of friends who have gone out with a few people maybe they wouldn't have after ending a long relationship. I've heard a few stories of "I can't believe that he stared at my shoes all night" to "he never looked up from his phone long enough to make eye contact."  In any case, these starter dates got a few laughs and boosted their confidence for the next round.

Want to see more dating dilemmas?  Be sure to check out Paul the Male Matchmaker on Hulu. You significant other just might thank you.

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